It is fundamental when it comes to deepening the knowledge of health organizations, to know what it is and how the administration of an organization takes place. To administer and to do it well is basic and fundamental in the development of any organization or even we could say, in the development of any activity that we are going to carry out as individuals.

We must know that it was the transformations that took place throughout the 19th century that motivated the search for better working methods and to manage the available resources in a more efficient way. It is precisely at this moment, when the first studies dedicated to researching administration as an activity carried out in a differentiated way from the rest of the organization’s activities appear. Thus, they focus on analyzing what the organizational process of the company is like, how resources are organized and how this could be done differently.

At the beginning of the 20th century, figures such as F. Taylor or H. Fayol appeared, who were the first to propose the substitution of improvisation in the administration of an organisation for an alternative management system that had the objective of improving productivity and efficiency.

Scientific administration

It was F. Taylor who was responsible for developing this management style fundamentally. Taylor focuses on analyzing the different work methods and processes, to know them properly and look for areas for improvement.

Starting from the belief that the best management was to keep wages at minimum thresholds, as a way to ensure good productivity. Taylor began her research from the operational level to transcend the entire organization. Thus, Taylor organizes himself from the particular to the general in all actions to be addressed. From his research he concludes that if a worker, because of his good performance and productivity, ended up perceiving the same as any of his colleagues, he would lose interest and would integrate into the way the rest of the group acted.

In this way, Taylor proposed that in order to change the organizational style it would be necessary to begin to modify the attitudes traditionally established at all levels of the organization. 

Scientific management focuses on:

– Apply the scientific method.

– Knowing the times and methods can better direct the organization.

– Adjust remunerations to productivity.

– Establish relations between workers based on the scientific method.

Rational organization of work

The organization of work focuses on:

– The analysis and study of movements looking for non-productive moments.

– To consider the points of fatigue of the workers. This is aligned with the loss of productivity and quality, and increased risks.

– Specialization and task division.

– Planned task design.

– Establishment of incentives as a means of motivating production.

– Improvement of working conditions as a means of increasing productivity.

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