The formation of a personal brand is not a simple act. In addition, it requires a long investment in time and effort.

First, we must position ourselves. That is to say, to define the places where we want to be and to be seen.

Together with this, it must be decided the «Naming» or what is the same, our name as a brand.

«Nurse manager» or «nurse manager» this is a key decision, beyond that it may seem a play on words. The positioning will not be the same if we are managers who are also nurses, than the positioning of nurses who are also managers.

In this case the fundamental part lies in the emphasis that the action receives as «managers», the image of professionalism and transmission of knowledge.

The «naming», therefore refers to what is seen, heard and repeated and as we have said and insist, the necessary positioning will not be the same.

The vision and the mission. The vision reflects the place to which we are heading, what is expected of the future, the expectation that is maintained. On the other hand, the mission describes the objectives to be achieved. One of the images of mission is constituted by What will be remembered of me when I am no longer there?

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