Good or bad?? it all depends on the knowledge and objectives of each of the theories we face.  When we choose a management style, we must be aware of the very different direction in which we are heading and which will subsequently make it very difficult for us to change.

Bureaucratic theory

This theory was developed by Max Weber. So, he tried to prove how bureaucracy was the most efficient form of organization. Weber’s research was much more than purely administrative, as he was interested in the economic and social structure itself.

Bureaucracy for Weber, refers to an organization where there is a division of labor, defined hierarchy, and detailed regulation of how interpersonal relationships are produced.

As far as authority is concerned, bureaucratic theory refers to the fact that people with the capacity to give orders, do so only in the area that empowers them and not outside it.

According to this theory, there are three types of authority:

Traditional authority. Based on custom and legitimacy. The power is not questioned and it is transmitted hereditarily. Power is based on the concept of loyalty.

Charismatic authority. Focused on the characteristics of the person that differentiate him/her from others, becoming a reference within the groups.

Legal authority. Based on the position occupied and that is consolidated by written rules, division of labor, positions established hierarchically, choice based on merit, difference between ownership and management, preponderance of use of resources to those who are free.

Neoclassical approach to management

This approach brings together authors of the administrative work such as Druker, Dale, Koontz or Newman. All of them agree on aspects such as:

– Only useful and feasible administrative principles can be developed.

– All things and people must be placed where they are needed.

– Management approaches must focus on how to organize, how to lead and how to control an organization.

We must place within the framework of this approach the orientation to Management by Objectives. The development of objectives is one of the theories of administration currently in force and which has the greatest number of followers.

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