Many times we make statements about the different ways we have to do something, with good results and in different ways. Therefore, we must start by defining the activities that will be carried out during the development of the plan.

To determine the methodology that we are going to follow we must consider:

The resources available to us. The level of development and scope of the strategic plan will depend on these resources.

Willingness to develop the plan. The support of the different parts of the organization will contribute greatly to the success of the plan. Without the support of top management, for example, the plan will be more difficult to implement.

Time frame. Time is rarely unlimited. We usually have limited time and deadlines for reporting results. Therefore, when selecting the methodology, we must take into account the time available for the development, implementation, execution, control and evaluation of the plan.

Objectives to be achieved. In line with the expectations of the plan, the objectives are established, emphasizing the deadlines and the different stages of the plan. Every plan should start with minor objectives and, following the methodological process, broader general objectives that address the plan are developed.


One of the biggest problems when developing a plan in any of our units or organizations is the lack of contemplation of the plan by the people affected by the plan. To try to ensure the success of the plan, we must involve all members of the team, indeed we must try to involve the entire organization fundamentally, emphasizing the importance of achieving the objectives for the entire organization.

Execution schedule

Every plan must have a specific work schedule in which all the activities to be carried out in the plan are ordered, with their time and moment to be executed, therefore:

– We must know what we want to achieve with each activity.

– What steps we must cover to finish the activity.

– Know if additional steps are needed.

– Prioritization of each of the activities.

– The activity schedule of the whole process as a whole and individually.

– Identify the different responsibilities in each step of the activity.

– Knowing the steps to be performed per day, hour or space of time.

– Active communication among all team members.Finally, we must be aware that all team members must be involved in the execution of each of the activities.

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