A nurse manager at the present time must be in a position to carry out a correct analysis of the healthcare organization. In other words, she must be able to describe the strategy, structures, culture and the different groups of people that make up the organization. And this is so because the modern healthcare organization must be centered on people and its own organizational culture, so that the strategy and structure respond to it. 


To go into the different aspects that make up strategic management, we must start with the concept of strategy. Thus we must know that it comes from the military context and the different positions for the battle. It was Von Newmann with the game theory who first introduced this term in the field of economics to try to obtain a competitive advantage over the rest of the competitors in order to achieve the objectives. With this approach, strategy is understood as the set of instructions that indicate the way to act in each of the circumstances in which we may find ourselves. Subsequently, it was Chandler who proposed aligning objectives and lines of action, so that actions lead the company to achieve the proposed objectives. This leads us to define strategy, following Andrews, as the set of decisions that determine the company’s actions, initiatives and reactions to its environment. The company understood from the strategic direction must consider the environment that surrounds it and the competitors in the sense that Porter did with his 5 competitive forces.

Thus and under the contemplation of these principles we understand that the strategy of the health organization:

Describes the situations that we can find, the levels of competition and the different interests that converge and that can sometimes be sources of conflict.

It defines the main problems we are currently facing, the relationship between the variables involved and their relationship depending on whether they are internal or external.

Specifically, we could say that the strategy of a healthcare organization is the one that should drive the actions to be carried out in the future, by establishing action plans that, as mentioned above, emphasize achieving a competitive advantage both for the organization and for the users themselves.

The strategy of a healthcare organization should detail the objectives and the basic ways in which it intends to achieve them, with the resources at its disposal.

The strategic direction details the options that will guide the action, the structures, as well as the frames of reference where all the activities to be carried out during the period of validity must be framed. This is why strategic direction is framed on the basis of a strategic plan in the manner described above.

Strategic management is the way in which decisions will be made about the most important problems that are present in the healthcare organization. We must not forget that it is fundamental to strategic management that all development can be put into practice.

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