In the Spanish National Health System, it is through the General Health Law that equal access to health care is regulated as a way of correcting the failures of other types of health markets.

Therefore, the need to speak of equity and equality focuses on the inequalities that occur when health is not contemplated as a pure public good. By referring to inequalities, we are referring to the difficulties in providing health services that may be faced by different population groups.

Therefore, equity has to do with equality as opposed to other meanings. Equality of opportunities and minimization of gaps in access, use and opportunity:

With the same needs, any person should be able to access the same means in terms of effectiveness and quality.

Free versus paid

The consideration of health as a primary need is what has motivated it to be considered as public financing. Healthcare professionals are one of the groups that must transfer users to free care, does not mean that it does not have a cost. On the contrary, health costs are very high and even more so in times when the needs of the population have changed.

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