A health system can be said to be the set of resources made available to the population for the maintenance of health standards or the recovery of the same in the event of loss. The WHO would say that the health systems for their conformation need to be endowed with resources, be they sanitary, personnel or financial.

studied in order to know their characteristics and different related conditioning factors: belief in health, social values, concept and model of State organization, socioeconomic situation of the country and the different social strata.
Therefore, in order to provide the health service, organizations must carry out a correct structuring:

The normative system

They are the set of basic rules and laws that regulate the provision of the service and guarantee a quality, fair and equitable service. The normative system of collecting when, how and who is responsible for each of the organizational and assistance acts of the health process.

Funding is the system established for the payment of health services, the consideration for the care received. We can consider three health models from the point of view of financing:
Public systems. These are financed by the state, which in turn collects the necessary amounts through direct or indirect taxes. This type of system is characterized by its universal coverage, proportional contribution by citizens charged to the tax system, the costs are shared among the general population, with a single flow.

ystems with contributions associated with earned income. These will be characterized because the rights are acquired with the condition of worker, proportional contribution to salary and variable transaction constes.
Private contribution systems. These are those that are financed through premiums subscribed and paid to insurance companies dedicated to the provision of health services. In this type of system, the right to care is linked to the payment of the premium and subscription of the contract, the contribution is established by the provider according to the services demanded and have high transaction costs.

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