The planning of any marketing strategy implies a correct planning process, otherwise the achievement of the objectives towards which we are heading will be put at risk. The planning process of marketing strategies must be aligned with the mission and vision of the company. Competing in an economic sector, producing goods or services involves practices at a strategic and operational level. This leads us to believe that the satisfaction of a health problem must be based on an integral approach to the provision of services that provide the exact results expected by patients.

Marketing processes are based on competing within different markets for a dominant position, but the health sector considered as a public good does not compete for a dominant position in itself, but for the best health outcomes.

Planning the marketing strategy involves a decision-making process that keeps all sources of information, large and small, in mind. Health objectives have multiple perspectives, which makes none of these sources of information disposable. And if not, it is sufficient to observe how many leading companies in different sectors have evolved, which have disregarded different parts of the processes of information collection and analysis and, consequently, have ignored radical changes that have taken place such as the irruption of digital cameras, smarphones, etc.

Therefore, the bases for developing a marketing strategy in the healthcare environment consist of

Understand which strategy is aimed at the healthcare organisation at the centre of the sector, serving as a reference point, and vision for the rest of the organisations in aspects ranging from research to health results.

The strategic analysis must focus both on the health sector itself and on the different sectors around it in order to understand exactly the direction in which society and the world in general are moving.

Understand that the basis of an executive plan is based on the results of strategic analysis.

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