Health professionals rarely realise that health is a business process like any other, in the case of Spain, which is eminently public. As a business process, it should be considered a business process that is oriented towards the satisfaction of a need, health, and although it is not basically a question of obtaining an economic benefit from the part of the service provider, it is susceptible to being carried out and offered in different ways and under different strategic processes. 

Marketing aims to maximise the value of the product offered, the efficiency of the results, in other words, in the case of health, it aims to maximise the value for the user of «our product», health.

In the health field, as in any other, we must start by knowing everything our «customers» want, so that we can offer it to them. Knowing the needs of our patients implies empathy, being fully aware that we must reach different groups of patients, with different needs and therefore, with different assessments of their knowledge, value and perception of their health.

Once we know the needs of our patients, how they perceive the health systems, and how the services are provided, we must communicate what we offer them, how we offer it to them, while trying to generate an expectation about the value that the services we are going to provide have for them.

From the marketing point of view, communication must focus on transmitting the value that it is going to receive, not from the different healthcare processes, but from the satisfactory experiences that are going to be «acquired» and generated after our professional acts.

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