Before the appearance of a conflict in a nurse work group there are many actions that can be carried out, to try to solve the same one within the own group. Among them, we find the technique of the nominal group.
It is a technique that due to its simplicity can be carried out by the nurse manager in the day to day of her activity before the appearance of conflicts that alter the normal flow of the activity.
This technique was developed by Delbecq and Van de Ven in the 60’s and happens to be a structured method for the identification of problems and needs, development of ideas and resolution of the issue. The method allows in a systematic way to carry out all the steps until the generation of the final solution.

The size of the group should not exceed 10-12 people, which is a very suitable size for conflicts within the nursing working groups.
Its development consists of several phases:
First phase. Once the participants have listened to the exposition of the problem, for a few minutes they devote themselves to thinking and generating their opinion regarding it: causes, motives, difficulties, obstacles and they write them on a series of cards that facilitate management through clear, simple and short messages.
Second phase. All participants listen to the contributions of the other members of the group, ensuring that everyone understands the messages conveyed to them.

Third phase. The person leading the meeting should group the cards by topic or similar. Also, the members of the group can assign their cards to a specific theme after their exposure to the rest. Each theme constitutes a family and this will be identified with different codes from the rest of the families.
Fourth phase. Establishment of a debate around the most relevant questions of those raised. To this end, the members of the group are given a series of coloured stickers coded by relevance that each of them must stick to each of the groups of characteristics or families of problems according to their relevance, adding their arguments to the rest.
Once they have been qualified by all the members of the group, they will be counted and ordered by the number of votes received (stickers).

Fifth phase. The nurse manager, who will be the person who will lead the meeting, will carry out a detailed analysis of the results obtained, trying to express the different points of view regarding the questions raised.
Finalization. There will be a moderate debate with pre-established shifts that will allow consensus to be reached regarding the proposed problems and their level of importance.
At its conclusion, the nurse manager responsible for the process will draw up a report with the approach taken, the solution to the problem and the commitments made.
It is simple to observe after the presentation of the methodology of the nominal group, that the ability of communication and synthesis of the nurse manager responsible for carrying out this technique will be fundamental.

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