Dear Nursing Management Readers.
After several weeks in which we have decreased the activity of the blog, today I take advantage of this channel to share with you a professional topic that touches me fully, and of course, also personal. As you know, the purpose of the blog is to spread knowledge of health management and in particular nursing management. For years we have tried to bring together through different formats interviews, research, experiences of the management environment, as well as the content produced by us, in order to grow as a profession.

Last Friday, June 24, 2019, I defended my Doctoral Thesis entitled: Model of Competences for the Nurse Manager (MCCE). I carried it out in the Doctorate Program in Biomedicine and Health Sciences of the European University of Madrid. I had deluxe co-directors, well, I guess for everyone who does a thesis, our directors are the best, that’s why we chose them. But in my case, I say luxury because they are heterogeneous but complementary teachers and researchers, and for that reason, I always felt very confident in the whole accompaniment of this project. I will always thank Dr. Pilar Marqués, Dr. Arrate Pinto and Dr. Jesús Sanz for their dedication and understanding of all my gaps. I am sure that the relationship established is not the usual one, but I believe that it is a relationship that surely does not end with the defence of the Thesis, I hope so.

To complete the process, I had to overcome two defenses. The first defense before Dr. Sánchez Tena (UEM), Dr. Giménez Maroto (UEM) and Dr. Rodríguez García (UEM), in which I collected the proposals for improvement to incorporate it into my presentation and answered different questions. The final defence was carried out before a diverse and complementary Court, a real luxury. There I found myself in a lectern in front of Dr. Calvo as President (U. Salamanca and Advisory Council of the Ministry of Health), Dr. Giménez Maroto (UEM) and Dr. Ruiz López (U. Camilo José Cela), giving me the highest rating Outstanding Cum Laude.

The work of the Doctoral Thesis consisted of the proposal on the Model of Competences for the Nurse Manager (MCGE). Professionals, associations, responsible for health strategies that we advocate for the professionalization of management in health organizations, we have been demanding it, so I hope it will be useful. It is with this intention that we have faced this challenge.

This work includes a scoping review of the specialised literature, submitting the findings to the consensus of experts using the Delphi methodology. The competency construct in the nurse manager is validated through factor analysis techniques. The model proposes 51 competencies for the nurse manager, at different levels of development, such as operational, logistical and senior management, and a core of 8 competencies.

I would like to share that, like all Doctoral Thesis work, this is the first step and we have a long way to go. But this thesis has been designed and carried out to be useful. Many people were involved in its development, not only my directors, but a whole panel of experts who have turned out to be one of the key pieces. Also people who for me have always been references and an inspiration such as Carmen Ferrer, Mª Paz Mompart, Carmen Ferrer Rosamaría Alberdi and Diego Ayuso. From this moment on, it is time to work together so that this knowledge does not remain only on paper, or in some publications.

On the other hand, I would like to take advantage of this blog post to encourage you to take a step forward in research focused on nurse management. It is a challenging line, complex but very necessary. In our country there are researchers willing to help us because they believe that in this way, we will come to make immovable proposals in places where important decisions are made. In addition, the importance of management will be normalized, and professionals will also remove that «fear» of the word management, when they see its dynamism, creativity and, especially, usefulness to create a sustainable environment and welfare led by the nurse.

Finally, and with your permission, one more license. Thank my more personal environment for their support. These lines would not be real, without your affection, patience and love.

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