Today it is not only what we do that is important, but what others think about what we do. We can call this «Personal Branding».

Tom Peters was the first to coin the term Personal Branding. In its beginnings related to the business field, although progressively it has begun to be used in other fields such as nursing. Tom Peters would say that the personal brand is a set of characteristics of a person, by which it is recognized and that the difference from others.
Vincet Gimildi defined personal brand as a combination of characteristics, transmitted by means of an image, symbol or word that produce an impact or thought on those who see or hear it.

The personal mark therefore does not have to refer only to a commercial product, it can also refer to people whether real or fictitious. In a fundamental way when reference is made to these real or fictitious people or images through the symbols, words or gestures that characterize them, it is also alluding to their motivations, values and personal work ethic, etc.

That is why both in the professional field, whether this nurse or not, we must be careful to establish stereotypes that can harm the person far beyond the professional field.

The importance of the personal brand

La marca personal personal, por tanto da respuesta  a quiénes somos, qué hacemos, cómo lo hacemos y qué pensamos. En la respuesta a estos conceptos es donde reside la importancia de la marca personal, ya que es justo aquí donde reside la semilla del éxito de muchos proyectos que como enfermeras queramos realizar.

En la respuesta a estas preguntas va a depender qué es lo que la sociedad y los grupos de interés que nos rodean van a saber de nosotros, a pensar. Dependerá de ello nuestra credibilidad y la confianza en nosotros como prestatarios de un servicio, que además alude a una de las esferas fundamentales de la persona como es la salud.

The personal brand, therefore responds to who we are, what we do, how we do it and what we think. The answer to these concepts is where the importance of the personal brand resides, since it is right here where the seed of the success of many projects that as nurses we want to carry out resides.

The answer to these questions will depend on what society and the interest groups that surround us are going to know about us, to think. Our credibility and trust in us as service providers will depend on it, as it also alludes to one of the fundamental spheres of the person such as health.

How is the personal brand generated?

In order to create a personal image, we must start by defining the values that characterise us as a person or group (if we want to think of the professional group of nurses).

The next step when creating a personal brand is to think about the objectives we want to achieve. As nurses, what we want is to establish a relationship of therapeutic trust with our patients in a way that allows us to perform our professional work in an optimal way.

Once the objectives have been established, we must move towards defining the target audience, who will see us, who will differentiate us from other people or other professionals.

Next, the positioning must be carried out, that is to say, the steps and actions to be carried out in order to be seen and appreciated in the way and manner we wish. In the nursing professional sense, positioning can include actions such as: the way we address the patient, organize ourselves, communicate with other members of the nursing collective, the aesthetics of our uniformity, the ambient light, the noise we produce, communication, calm, empathy, listening and a broad group of characteristics that make up our professional performance.

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