When determining the characteristics that will determine the care orientation of a health system, we must understand several key concepts when it comes to indicating how its mission will be shaped.

Market system

The first of these concepts is the understanding of what a market system is. We can say that a market system is the set of relationships between the buyer and seller of a product or service, as well as the interrelations that derive from them. 

Mixed market.

The next concept to consider is the mixed market. Thus, we can define a mixed market as one in which both public resources and resources from private business entities intervene. In other words, when public and private health centres coexist on the supply side.

Internal market

It is also necessary to understand the meaning of the internal market as the set of products and services that are offered and demanded in a given context. With reference to health services, the internal market is the set of health centres in our country as opposed to those existing in the international context. We can also understand it at a lower level, such as those offered in an autonomous community or province as opposed to those offered outside it.

Bureaucratic administration

Finally, we must understand the sense of bureaucratic administration as the set of laws that regulate and determine how the relations between the provider and the plaintiff of a product or service will be. In reference to our health system, the bureaucratic system in Spain configures the National Health System.

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