There are a number of determinants when it comes to making an estimate. Everything must start from an organizational structure that is consistent with the health needs of the area of influence of our organization. It is essential that all members of the different work teams know the budget, their activity and responsibilities throughout the health process.

This implies that the different processes and the organization’s process map must be correctly prepared.
Information sources and their adequate analysis is another requirement to be considered. Knowing occupation rates, seasonal peaks, past unforeseen events, past sources of financing, deviations from expenditure, etc.

The management nurse must focus part of her effort on detecting possible failures in the activity and how this affects the budget. This will allow her to carry out the most appropriate corrective actions at all times.

Coordination between the different units and areas is key. This should allow the necessary information to be available at the right time and thus make appropriate decisions.
The requirements of a budget can be summarized in 5 points:

  • Knowledge of the unit, area and organization.
  • Adequate planning that integrates the objectives and future vision of the organization.
  • Establishment of detailed programs and action plans. These must be oriented to the achievement of the objectives.
  • Quantification in monetary terms of each and every one of the unit, area and organization’s needs.
  • Control and evaluation. Monitoring of the budget and early detection of deviations that may occur from what was planned.
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