Inequality in the socio-health field is expressed as disparity in access to services or the benefits derived from them.

A greater need for health care at lower economic levels leads to less real and effective access to health services. The impact of social inequalities is increasing in today’s society, and unless policies succeed in reversing trends, they will continue to increase. 

Inequality in economic terms is not as important if we refer to the economic level of the country as if we refer to how this wealth is distributed. And as we have said, social inequality ends up producing an inequality in health.

Since the 1980s, articles have been published that relate mortality with income levels and this in turn, with low levels of educational investment. Therefore, education is a factor that must be directly related to the indices of health and life expectancy.

On the other hand, in our country the impact of illnesses is related to the permanence of employment and the possibility of reinsertion in the job. If an unemployed person has poor health, it will be even more difficult to keep a job. 

As for perceived health, health studies show that as we descend through socioeconomic levels, there is a worsening of perceived health. While higher socioeconomic levels maintain a better perception of health.

Health decisions.

The scarcity of resources makes it necessary to prioritise the distribution of health expenditure. Thus, the ageing of the population makes it necessary to increase spending on social and health resources. Medical intervention increasingly offers better results in health, which favours an increase in life expectancy and, in turn, generates a greater need for health expenditure in order to attend to the elderly population.

The health orientation must prioritize: 

– The point of view and benefit of the community

– Effective assistance

– Efficient assistance

– Assistance should not be left to individual responsibility. It must contain measures to protect the elderly, the chronically ill and people at risk of social exclusion.Therefore, the decision on the distribution of resources must take into account effectiveness, efficiency and equity as a priority. 

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