Like other concepts, the essence of the personal brand comes from the field of marketing. The essence of the brand could be defined as: all those aspects that make us absolutely different.

The essence of our brand must begin with our principles, that is, with the engine that moves our action that ends in decision making. Values must be considered as part of the core of the brand. These are going to condition the course, the direction that we are going to follow.

When we talk about the essence, we are alluding to intangibles, to the nucleus as we said earlier about intangibles. The power of the intangible is such that it will be responsible for generating the trust of our teams. This trust will be projected beyond an isolated fact or action to become concrete through all the actions we carry out as managers.

The essence of our brand must contain:

A functional part. That is to say, all the benefits that our work groups obtain through their relationship with us.

An emotional part. Emotions are the greatest motivator that people possess. All the meanings that we bring to the group, even when we are not with the group, will be what keeps the activity permanently at the best levels of efficiency.

An aesthetic part. The way we speak, express ourselves, behave until we dress confers an essence that can be an important motivator and generator of confidence.

A relational part. Referred to how we behave naturally with our work groups. Gestures, participation, way of interacting with each person, etc.

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