The work carried out by the management function contains characteristics that make it a highly complex action. The essence of management work is the integration of multiple wills in search of a common goal.

Classical theory of the managerial function

It can be attributed to Fayol who would say that the management function consists of:

– Planning

– Organization 

– Coordination 

– Command

– Control

Planning could be synthesized around the idea of forming an outline of what is to be done, as well as the methods to be used.

Organizing is the action of designing a formal structure through which the different structures are coordinated in order to achieve a common objective.

To generate team, to develop the relations between the people oriented to the same task or objective.

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To lead. Understood as the making of decisions and the generation of general and specific instructions, so that the others achieve with it the accomplishment of the simplest task.

Inform. Carrying out a concrete and responsible communication of what happens in the performance of the task.

Budgeting. Control and distribution of the resources made available to them.

Activities of the management function

The functions of the management function in view of the above will be around

Planning: trying to see how the organization will go on and, based on this, establishing the objectives and strategies that will allow the organization’s goals to be met.

Organize: establish the structural design of the organization, as well as the relationships between people. It must also include the processes of designing jobs and division of activity.

Integrate: carry out an organizational design that allows the selection of the most appropriate people for each function, in addition to guiding them for each of those functions.

Manage: use direct and delegated authority in order to bring people together and coordinate them for the fulfillment of the task.

To control: to fix the style and sources of information, the criteria, indicators and standards that allow to measure the degree and way of accomplishment of the tasks.

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