The people who make up the teams are responsible for carrying out all those activities inherent to their position and will therefore be a key link in the achievement of success.

It is important to consider slowly which people will make up each of the team positions, their competencies and skills so that all team positions are correctly filled, as all of them must complement each other. In the design of the team, we must therefore ensure that all profiles are filled by the right person. In the design of the team, the function of the analysis of the different profiles corresponds, since all the profiles must be occupied by the most suitable person, as we said, the most suitable person. In this way, all the variables that make up the plan through the different members of the teams will be occupied, in the same way that there will be the greatest possible variability of visions and opinions on the process.

Sometimes, for the development of the plan it is necessary to integrate people external to the team or even to the organization as expert consultants. This role is key in the event that the teams are properly designed, but their members lack the appropriate experience in how to develop the task assigned, how to organize and coordinate themselves.  These people, as consultants, will be in charge of facilitating the learning and cohesion process. They will also provide an objective view of the organization and thus avoid the biases that often occur by the mere fact of belonging to the organization. 

However, this consulting process often involves a cost overrun and therefore becomes an important factor to consider when including this consulting function. To try to discern whether the inclusion of consultants is necessary, it is necessary to analyze whether the objectives that are expected to be achieved with the plan justify the computation of consulting costs. 

It is important to realize that a consultant will not be present at every point in the development of the plan, so it is possible that, if circumstances change, the team members will not be in a position to deal with the modifications that are necessary to adopt them to the new scenario.

The key to the inclusion of consultants lies in the importance of the plan for the organization, the resources that will be allocated and the knowledge of the team members.

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