When we look at the relationship between health and the economy, we have to think about it:

The value of health. It refers to how we understand and how health is perceived. The concept of health is a relative concept that cannot be only like the presence or absence of illness but also like the degree of satisfaction of the needs of the person or population group and the consequences of the absence of this provision.

Factors influencing health. Factors that influence health are increasingly studied and placed in relevance, and must be considered:

– Genetic factors

– Environmental and environmental factors.

– Lifestyle factors

– Factors related to education and economic levels of the population.

– Factors related to the structure of the health system itself.

– Health expenditure and financing

The demand for care. The factors that determine how we understand health and care will determine the demand for care. Meeting care needs is understood as a need that must be met. This need is channeled through the supply of care services and can generate barriers to access, inequity of provision, dissatisfaction and deficits in the quality of provision.

The supply of care. It is the determinant of the factors of production of health services.

Analysis of the target market. It determines what the population is like and what its characteristics are, and therefore how the relationship between supply and demand for health services should be established.

Microeconomics of health. It is the analysis, study and evaluation of how individual and small population groups are provided with care.

Planning and budgeting. It is the reference to the distribution and organization of resources, investment needs and its prioritization.

Benchmarking of the health system. It is established through the comparison of the different health systems. It is true that this comparative analysis must include the factors that determine the different cultures, social realities and ways of understanding health and care.

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