The last few years can be described as the change in trend in which digital technologies have flooded the health sector. Communication networks that are easier to use have led to information being channelled at great speed and its dissemination being accessible and simple, which means that e-health is becoming a new path for health organisations, with new opportunities for both growth and transformation.

Reports and studies are multiplying which state that the health sector is one of the areas where the use of communication technologies is propitious for a change in health care. Thus, remote image diagnosis, telemedicine, monitoring of patients beyond the physical walls of the organisation, cooperation and exchange of information between professionals in a non-presential manner is a reality.

Currently, in the United States, nearly half of health professionals believe that mobile phones and new technologies can help them in the care of patients and thus reduce visits to health centres, without this leading to a decrease in the quality of this care. There are over 300,000 health apps in use by at least 1 in 3 people. These apps are aimed at improving health information, diagnostic procedures, action and treatment processes, health education and healthy lifestyle habits.

The development and future improvement of communication technologies applied to the field of health requires taking advantage of experiences that are already being developed in other fields of activity. All the applications of new technologies involve incorporating aspects ranging from social responsibility to sustainability, including marketing, economics, etc. 

The future depends on the transfer of knowledge from one sector to another, and new technologies have made this easier.

When we try to take advantage of the knowledge coming from marketing to improve the health sector, new technologies will facilitate the work so well. As we have said before, marketing is a facilitator when it comes to bringing health organisations closer to people, so that they will know exactly what it is and what value it incorporates into their lives.

Looking at organisations as companies that provide health services and, fundamentally, services aimed at improving, maintaining and recovering health, will make these new technologies the protagonists in the coming years, in addition to marketing systems as a channel of knowledge for all services and value aggregation.

If we have to talk about some of the applications that are being most successful when applied, we have to talk about

Video in health. It helps people to access all the information in a format that is easy to understand. Furthermore, in the health sector people want to see and experience everything that is going to happen when they come into contact with the health organisation. We can highlight two types of videos: those aimed at education and dissemination, and those real-time videos which seek immediacy, closeness, the generation of trust, as well as direct and immediate feedback.

Voice searches. Based on intelligent digital interaction systems, in which we ask the device and it returns the information asked to the device. In each of our mobile phones we already have voice assistants, these have been incorporated into the intelligent home devices that are gradually becoming part of our way of life, becoming an element of our homes.

Chatbots. This is another of the words and concepts that are making a space for us. A chatbot is an automated interaction programme in which the chatbot is directed in one direction or another depending on the needs expressed by the person interacting with it.

The user experience. It is the feeling that a user develops when interacting with the product or service. It is the set of factors that intervene in the interaction between the user and the environment, the product or, as we also say, the service. The future is aimed at unifying a service with feelings, images, sensations, positive emotions, so that when we think about the service, feelings are evoked. Implementing this concept in the health sector is one of the keys to the future. To do so, we must start by identifying those factors that we want to establish together with our services. 

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