We agree that to understand a health care organization it is necessary to know its culture, individual and collective styles, leadership, image, principles, etc.

It is no less true that in order to understand the reason for the essence of the operation, it is necessary to resort to the general theory of systems, which I would say:

A system is a set of interrelated parts that form a unified whole.

Systems are characterized by: 

– Encompassing different parts or elements. 

– All systems have a specific purpose. 

– They are complex, the variation of one of the elements has an impact on the rest. 

– Systems exist within systems. 

– Systems are open.  

– The functions of the systems depend on their structure. 

Their relationship with the administration we must seek through: 

– Understanding the organization as a system made up of an entry, stay and exit process from which feedback is obtained in relation to a given environment. 

– It has a dynamic approach, based on the interrelationship that happens within the very structure of the organization.  

– The consideration of an organization as a system, leads us to think about different levels within the organization interrelated with each other. 

– An organization will be motivated by multiple conditions and different desires as postulated by the general theory of systems. 

– Management as a system justifies the existence of multidisciplinary relationships within it. 

– Within an organization it can be assumed that an event can be caused by multiple interrelated events. 

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