As in any other sector, health organisations must develop strategies that enable them to develop competitive advantages. To do so, we must use marketing mix techniques that deal with: product, price, distribution and promotion. It was Kotler who referred to marketing mix as the set of controllable and interrelated tools which, when properly arranged, facilitate managers’ actions and strategies aimed at satisfying the needs of a market (health market) and thus achieving the organisation’s objectives.

Thus, in the health field, actions are included aimed at

– Identifying the needs of the target population.

– Designing programmes, plans, protocols and strategies to address the identified needs.

– Optimizing access and use of health services, trying to facilitate aspects such as equal access, service portfolio, etc.

– Dissemination of the health results obtained by each of the plans, protocols, strategies, etc.

In this way, it responds to the requirements of the marketing mix and also to the objectives formulated in the different marketing plans.

The above is a true reflection of the content of any marketing plan and also allows us to understand the relationships established between health professionals and patients and the different service providers.

Any modern healthcare organisation must revolve around the patient and their needs. If we can understand this, we are able to apply these four components of marketing and thus towards total quality and problem-solving oriented healthcare organisations.

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